The first open platform for the construction industry,

which connects mapping with sensors and data analytics.

 Construction 4.0

 The revolution for the construction industry

Georeferencing of your assets,

projects or interests in your industry.

Automated notification for

overlapping interests,  synergies or

conflicts through intelligent algorithms.

You can easily choose between functions

for a collaborative workflow or integrate

your own applications into the platform.

Connect your equipment and machines with sensors.

Get reliable analysis and forecasts for

your constuction site through self-learning algorithms.

Your benefits – Your advantages

Information advantage

Discover unimagined possibilities of data analysis. With abaut you can automatically generate knowledge, which supports you in strategic decisions and in operational processes. Recognize opportunities and risks at an early stage.

Cost benefits

Reduce your costs with abaut. Let us integrate, administer, operate and maintain your required applications. abaut replaces your individual solutions with proven and standardized IT architecture.


Only use the solutions that you currently need for your planning and construction process. abaut solutions are easy to use, from anywhere at anytime. Benefit from the interconnectivity of the functionalities and avoid system breaks, through a single sign on.

Collaborative way of working

The platform enables a common project view and transparent cooperation between you and your partners. Other project participants or those interested in the project can easily be integrated. Data and information can be exchanged easily and quickly. Especially in the construction industry is this the key to success.


Stay innovative with abaut. Our developments rely on artificial intelligence in, this opens up completely new possibilities for many industries.


We are providing the best connected platform for planning and construction. To achieve that, we build partnerships across the industry. Your benefits are, the fast and efficient exchange of data and information.


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About us

abaut is the first intelligent platform

which connects, organizes and supports

all parties involved in a construction project.

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