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Enabling mobile machinery on site to see and understand construction and mining processes

Aktualisiert: 24. Mai 2022

abaut, the SaaS and Data analytics startup for the construction and mining industry and Ark Vision Systems, the manufacturer of digital camera sensor systems announced the coopearation to add higher value to more detailed process & progress information directly from mobile machinery.

abaut`s platform analyzes incoming sensor data from mobile machinery on site and in quarries so far, to generate KPIs and information about process and progress. In many situations, sensor data alone is not sufficient to reliably generate a holistiv view from the situation on sites. With the products of Ark Vision Systems, abaut are now able to open up new data sources through images directly from mobile machines, e.g. excavator or wheelloader. The digital camera systems are designed for rough use on construction sites and in mining operations. In the near future, they can be easily ordered via the abaut platform. In combination with already exisiting suppliers and partners from abaut, cusomters can purchase a plug & play system for their mobile machinery, that can be installed in less than 30 minutes and without special expertise or even the need to connect to the on-board-electronics of the machines.


"We teach machines to see!"


"We are very excited about the partnership with Ark Vision Systems. With this new data source, there are many new possibilities in the area of process and progress recognition. Now we are able to teach machines to see and understand the process environment. Thus, we can provide more insightful information of processes and progress on sites in near real time and can extend our decision making features" said Sebastian Kaluza, CEO at abaut.

About abaut:

abaut GmbH is a Munich-based SaaS and Data Analytics StartUp for companies along the construction & mining value chain. With its solution of an one-stop technology platform, the company aims to simplify acces to technology, services and data analytics to eliminate the problem of data silos on sites and the resulting large amount of unused data in the construction & mining industry. The features on the abaut-platform enable customers to make faster and better decisions, eliminate inefficiencies and increase productivity

Press contact, Marketing:

Petra Schiessl


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