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LivEye and abaut agree on cooperation

Aktualisiert: 8. Juni 2022

Completely informed about the actual state of construction sites, quarries and mines without permanent on-site presence sounds unrealistic? The platform developed by abaut brings reality to the screen and enables insights for process optimization and construction progress documentation through data analytics.

Data from work processes, construction progress, activities and interactions are continuously sent to the platform and analyzed. Progress and processes are mapped, weaknesses and optimization potential can therefore be identified immediately and informed decisions can be made faster and better.


abaut platform integrates LivEye data


The approach: make existing data source on the construction site easily usable! "Originally active as a pure safety solution on construction sites at night, LivEye cameras now also transmit image data securely to the abaut platform during the day while the construction site is in operation. This image data goes into the analysis of construction progress and processes," explains Sebastian Kaluza, CEO of abaut GmbH.

LivEye video surveillance systems have only a very small space requirement and allow an individual adaptation of the installation, thus areas with difficult access as well as possible changes of location are no problem. The video surveillance systems can be used quickly and flexibly in both the power-connected and the stand-alone versions.

The abaut software creates a 360° view from the images of the LivEye security systems that is now available on the abaut platform. As a result, customers now have the possibility to survey and document their construction sites, quarries or mines seamlessly from a distance. "The 360° View is very popular with users of the abaut platform," says CFO & CTO Carsten Simons of LivEye GmbH, pleased with the successful launch.

Data protection compliance

All personal content in the image, such as people in the image or license plates, is detected by an algorithm in the image and subsequently blurred. This means that the solution is also compliant with data protection regulations.

About abaut:

abaut GmbH is a Munich-based SaaS and Data Analytics StartUp for companies along the construction & mining value chain. With its solution of an one-stop technology platform, the company aims to simplify acces to technology, services and data analytics to eliminate the problem of data silos on sites and the resulting large amount of unused data in the construction & mining industry. The features on the abaut-platform enable customers to make faster and better decisions, eliminate inefficiencies and increase productivity

Press contact, Marketing:

Petra Schiessl

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