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We are proud to announce our strategic partnership with LivEye that combines construction surveillance services with intelligent real time construction progress & process monitoring.


We break down data silos on sites and empower people  to make better decisions. 

Hundreds of technologies and systems exist to digitally capture processes and progress on construction  & mining sites in the execution phase.


Makes procurement and administration of systems hard and complex .


Generates data silos on sites.


Information is not accessible to stakeholders: data silos foster miscommunication.


Data silos make data analysis difficult, inhibit productivity and prevent you from seeing the big picture and making the right decision during operations.

We are the one-stop technology platform for the construction & mining industry

We build a platform that simplifies access to technologies, services and data analysis.

It breaks down data silos on sites in the execution phase, visualizes data and makes them easily accessible to all project stakeholders as one single source of truth.

Artificial Intelligence monitors processes, performance and progress.

Enabling teams on site to see the big picture and make better decisions.


The central place to manage all your sites, teams and stakeholders.

Coming summer 2022

Simplifies access and procurement to cutting edge technologies and services.

Set of features that visualizes data and provides you with information and insights about your sites and operations.

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See the big picture on your sites from one single source of truth

Everything from one single source instead of multiple systems and countless accounts: Machine data, Images, 360°-View, Droneflights, KPIs and more.


Industries & Segments



Whether it's Building Construction, Infrastructure Construction or Industrial Construction. Procure the technology you need and combine all data streams on one platform. Get a holistic view of processes & progress on your construction with one single access point. From Machine Data over drone flights to 360° images and more. 



Get unfiltered analytics, visualizations and documentation about your processes and progress on your jobsites on a single platform in near real-time. And from a completely independent party. Increase transparency, optimize your workflows and improve your site management during the execution phase. 


Mining & Aggregates

Connect all your machines and plants to the abaut platform and get unprecedented insights into the processes of your operations. With automatically generated real-time information, such as mass flows, number of loads, downtimes and many other KPIs, you increase your productivity, conserve resources and save costs at all levels.


Customer succes stories

How Mineral Abbau uses Data Analytics to make the right investment decision and save money 

Learn how mineral mining uses the latest remote process and progress monitioring technologies and cutting-edge AI data analytics featrue from the abaut platform to provide objective valuation bases for investment decisions when procuring mobile mining machinery. 


What AI -features do you want to see next? 


Many of our features rely on computer vision and machine learning to detect, track, and quantify work, status, and processes on-site at jobsites and in plants. abaut's AI features transform your sensor data, machine data, images, and scans into an objective source of information and as-built documentation. We are developing and testing new features daily, so please get in touch and let us know which AI features would best help you at your daily work on sites and operations.


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